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29 Aug 2017

Add UIDatePicker as Input View to UITextField Swift - iOS

In this article we are going to add UIDatePicker as Keyboard to UITextField and also adding UIToolBar above UIDatePicker.

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Read Getting Started with UIDatePicker Tutorial.

Final Output from this article will looks like as follow:

Add UIDatePicker as Input View to UITextField Swift

In this whole project we are not going to use Storyboards. We are adding all views programmatically using autoLayouts.

Add UITextField :

First we are going to add UITextField to the view in ViewController. So declare textField variable before viewDidLoad() as:
var textField = UITextField()

Then add textField to the view by adding following method :
func addTextField() {
    textField.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = false
    textField.leadingAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.leadingAnchor, constant: 40.0).isActive = true
    textField.trailingAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.trailingAnchor, constant: -40.0).isActive = true
    textField.topAnchor.constraint(equalTo: view.topAnchor, constant: 40.0).isActive = true
    textField.placeholder = "Select date"
    textField.borderStyle = .roundedRect

Call addTextField() method inside viewDidLoad() method.

Build and run, we see an textField with an placeholder as 'Select date'.

Add Textfiled Programitically
On tapping textField keyboard will appear from bottom, that's ok. But our target is to get UIDatePicker instead of Keyboard.

No worries, it's easy to achieve.

Add UIDatePicker As Keyboard :

First we need to create UIDatePicker, so declare datePicker object after textField declaration as follow:
var textField = UITextField()
var datePicker = UIDatePicker()

Now initialize and add target to datePicker as follow:
func createDatePicker() {
    datePicker.datePickerMode = .date
    datePicker.addTarget(self, action: #selector(self.datePickerValueChanged(datePicker:)), for: .valueChanged)

We set datePickerMode to date only, because we need date only. Then add response method datePickerValueChanged(datePicker:) as follow:
@objc func datePickerValueChanged(datePicker: UIDatePicker) {

Above method will call every time user scrolls UIDatePicker.

Call createDatePicker() method before addTextField() line inside viewDidLoad() method.

So we created datePicker, but not linked to textField. For that we need to set textField inputView as datePicker. So add the following line at the end of addTextField() method :
textField.inputView = datePicker

Build and run, we see textField, then tap on texfield. Great UIDatePicker is showing up as follow:

TextField With DatePicker

So every time user changes date we should update in textField text. So we need to add following code inside datePickerValueChanged() method :
let dateFormatter = DateFormatter()
dateFormatter.dateStyle = .medium
dateFormatter.timeStyle = .none

textField.text = dateFormatter.string(from:

What we have done here is that, we created dateFormatter with dateStyle as medium and timeStyle as none, because we don't need time.

And finally we are getting Date from, so we are converting Date to string and displaying in textField.

Run the project, we see same as before then select your date it will update in textFiled also.

TextField With DatePicker

Add UIToolBar To UIDatePicker :

Now for adding toolBar over UIDatePicker, we need to first create UIToolBar. so declare toolBar object after datePicker declaration as follow:
var textField = UITextField()
var datePicker = UIDatePicker()
var toolBar = UIToolbar()

Next initialize UIToolBar and add following UIBarButtonItem to toolBar as follow:
func createToolBar() {
    toolBar = UIToolbar(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: view.frame.width, height: 40))
    let todayButton = UIBarButtonItem(title: "Today", style: .plain, target: self, action: #selector(todayButtonPressed(sender:)))
    let doneButton = UIBarButtonItem(barButtonSystemItem: .done, target: self, action: #selector(doneButtonPressed(sender:)))
    let label = UILabel(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: view.frame.width/3, height: 40))
    label.text = "Choose your Date"
    let labelButton = UIBarButtonItem(customView:label)
    let flexibleSpace = UIBarButtonItem(barButtonSystemItem: .flexibleSpace, target: self, action: nil)
    toolBar.setItems([todayButton,flexibleSpace,labelButton,flexibleSpace,doneButton], animated: true)

What we have done here is that, created four UIBarButtonItem.


Shortcut for selecting today's date. On tapping this button we are calling following method :
@objc func todayButtonPressed(sender: UIBarButtonItem) {
    let dateFormatter = DateFormatter() // 1
    dateFormatter.dateStyle = .medium
    dateFormatter.timeStyle = .none
    textField.text = dateFormatter.string(from: Date()) // 2

1. Here again added required dateFormatter, but here we want today's date so simply use Date() property to get current date.

2. Then we are converting to string by using dateFormatter.

3. Dismissing the keyboard(here date picker) using resignFirstResponder() method.

doneButton :

After selecting our date we should dismiss datePicker, this button is for that. On tapping this button we are calling following method :
@objc func doneButtonPressed(sender: UIBarButtonItem) {

labelButton :

LabelButton is like a placeholder text, we can't add UILabel to UIToolbar so we created custom UIBarButtonItem for adding label.

We can customize that label what ever we like.

flexibleSpace :

FlexibleSpace is for giving equal spaces between items in UIToolBar. FlexibleSpace is also of type UIBarButtonItem.flexibleSpace.

We added all four buttons to toolBar as required order.

Call createToolBar() method before addTextField() line inside viewDidLoad() method.

Good, created toolbar but How to add over datePicker?

Its easy, we are going to set textField inputAccessoryView as toolBar, add following code at the end of addTextField() method:
textField.inputAccessoryView = toolBar

Now Build and run, tap on textfield.

Great we can see UIDatePicker with toolBar on it.

UITextField UIDatePicker inputview Example.

Download sample project with examples :

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